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Youth Leadership Forum of Birmingham is a community-wide leadership program for high school sophomores and juniors designed to expose young leaders to the various elements that interact to form a strong and dynamic metropolitan area

Youth Leadership Forum of Birmingham is an outgrowth of the successful adult program, LEADERSHIP BIRMINGHAM, which began in 1983. Several members of its first class felt a similar program for high school students would benefit the youth in this area and the community as a whole. They formed a Steering Committee which developed Youth Leadership Forum and continues to serve as its decision-making body. The first class graduated in 1986.

Our Objectives:

  • To identify exemplary high school students who have demonstrated leadership qualities and a concern for their community.
  • To select a class of approximately 44 participants who represent the various demographic areas and groups within the Birmingham metropolitan area.
  • To present in-depth programs that will acquaint participants with community needs, opportunities, problems and resources and allow interaction with community leaders and decision makers.
  • To provide opportunities for students from different areas to know one another and develop a level of mutual trust and respect
  • To foster the interest of the students in voluntary participation in community affairs.